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Banano Icecream V0.3

The tastiest NFT block explorer in the jungle



  • Banano Icecream V0.3

    Block Data Shown correctly, Remove Kalium dependency
    August 18 2022

  • Banano Icecream V0.2.3

    Remebers darkmode setting, JS cookies applied
    August 16 2022

  • Banano Icecream V0.2.2

    Swapped Skydev back from for CID module
    August 16 2022

  • Banano Icecream V0.2.1

    Return to previous first instance
    August 15 2022

  • Banano Icecream V0.2

    Show Data Outside Of Console, Dark mode
    August 13 2022

  • Banano Icecream V0.1.01

    Address search bug fix
    August 08 2022

  • Banano Icecream V0.1

    Initial Release
    August 05 2022

To Do List

  • Switch to Airtune's crawler

  • Fix 0 NFT catch & Account error

    Some accounts show nothing, even tho they have NFT's. Deal with accounts that have no NFTS

  • View NFT Send History

    Develop history blocks via representative/mint block

  • Try Catch Multiple IPFS

    Test if current IPFS is online before attempting to get metadata

  • IOS AR View

    View NFTS in AR (only on IOS)